Edufeds | Cloud based Multi language one stop Educational ERP solution
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    School Management
    Student Management

    Human Resources

    Account / Finance



    Internal Messaging System

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    Digitizing Africa Education
    e- Learning

    Digital Library

    Online Assignment and Notes

    Educational Forum

    Educational Games

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    Your School, Your Process, Your Rules

    Edufeds is an online school management system that adapts to the workflows

    and processes of your institution.

    You can enhance the features of Edufeds using

    the wide range of plugins available in the Edufeds marketplace.

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    Track ward performance anywhere
    Academic Record

    Ward Attendance

    Due Bills

    Send message to teacher/admin regarding ward


Run all the school management in one platform, from students to employees.

Student Portal

Student can view assignment, submit assignment, join forum for discussion, view bill, Noticeboard etc

Teachers/Lecturer Portal

Teacher/Lecturer can view class list, register attendance, set exam, Create Notes and Assignment,View Payslip etc,

Parent Portal

Parent can track the student/ward performance, bill details, news etc

The answer to all your school s administrative running. An excellent way to systematically manage schools, colleges and institutions.


  • User Frienfly Interface

    Edufeds is created with users in mind. Anyone with basic knowledge of computers and email can start using edufeds within ten minutes of their first login.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Edufeds has been developed to work really well with mobile phones. This means you can make use of this software without facing any kind of restriction based on location. In addition it is compatible with all the browsers and smart phones. Nothing to install. Nothing to upgrade.

  • Supports & Backups

    We have a bunch of well experienced professionals in place just to help you deal with your issues and they are available to you 24/7. Any doubts or queries you have regarding the working or the functions of this school management system software will be easily sorted by our team.

  • Multi Language Support

    Edufeds is available in different languages including English and French.

  • Wide Range of Features

    Compared to some of the other school administrative software’s available in the market, Edufeds has a wide range of features.


  • Optimized for Customization

    All schools and colleges use different systems and processes. Edufeds is engineered to be customization friendly to ensure it meets your requirements and needs

  • Highly Reliable

    One of key aspects about Edufeds that is most appealing is its reliability. Once you have used this software you will realize that all you sensitive information will be stored in a safe secure manner. We follow all the latest security protocols and keep updating them to ensure that the safety of our clients data.

  • Flexible / Pricing

    You can purchase the Edufeds plan that suits your specific requirements. You can start with basic plans and can upgrade to pro plans when required.

The answer to all your school administrative running and learning activities. An excellent way to systematically manage schools, colleges and institutions from basic school to university.